About Us

Jeff German & the Blankety Blanks


Jeff German & the Blankety Blanks are a vibrant Americana band led by the prolific singer-songwriter Jeff German. Hailing from the heartland of Columbus, Ohio, their music is an amalgamation of roots, rock, country, and folk, all delivered with a distinctively authentic flair. With poignant storytelling and infectious melodies, Jeff German & the Blankety Blanks have captivated audiences across the nation.

Jeff German:

Jeff German, the driving force behind the Blankety Blanks, is a seasoned troubadour whose musical journey is as rich and diverse as the landscapes his songs traverse. Drawing inspiration from his Midwestern roots and personal experiences, German's songwriting is marked by its honesty and raw emotion. His lyrics delve deep into the human condition, exploring themes of love, loss, redemption, and the ever-changing tapestry of life.

The Blankety Blanks:

Complementing Jeff German's songwriting prowess are the Blankety Blanks, a talented ensemble of musicians whose collective chemistry adds depth and dimension to the band's sound. With their tight rhythms, soulful harmonies, and virtuosic instrumentation, the Blankety Blanks bring German's songs to life with an energy and vitality that is truly captivating.

Musical Style:

Jeff German & the Blankety Blanks' music defies easy categorization, blending elements of Americana, alt-country, folk-rock, and indie with effortless finesse. Their sound is characterized by its rich textures, dynamic arrangements, and heartfelt lyricism, evoking a sense of nostalgia while remaining distinctly modern and relevant.

Notable Achievements:

Throughout their career, Jeff German & the Blankety Blanks have earned widespread acclaim for their electrifying live performances and critically acclaimed studio albums. Signed to Slothrop Records, Madison Wisconsin in 2014, they have shared the stage with renowned artists, garnered radio airplay, and amassed a devoted fan base that continues to grow with each passing year.


  • "12 Rounds" (Slothtrop 2014)
  • "12 Packs, 8 Tracks and Black & White TV” (Slothtrop 2015)
  • “Woodshed” (EP) (Slothtrop 2015)
  • "12 Fret Nights” (Slothtrop 2017)
  • “12 Day Weeks” (Slothtrop 2017)
  • “100 Wrong Turns” (Slothtrop 2023)


With their unwavering commitment to artistic integrity and a passion for storytelling, Jeff German & the Blankety Blanks stand as torchbearers of the Americana tradition, carrying on the rich legacy of roots music while pushing boundaries and carving out their own unique path in the musical landscape. As they continue to captivate audiences and inspire listeners with their timeless songs, their legacy only continues to grow, solidifying their place as one of the most exciting and enduring acts in contemporary Americana music.